Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad presents on Jimmy Kimmel

(Warning to Grandma - the boy at the very end has a terrible potty mouth, I'm sorry! But the rest of it is pretty funny!)

The boy who freaks out over the Hello Kitty shirt was kind of a butt on the Halloween video too, if I remember right. He's like the villain on a ton of different kids' movies - Dudley from Harry Potter leaps to mind first.

I like the idea of people messing with their children, but it would be super-hard for me to give the kid a good, real gift on Christmas if they had a giant, ugly meltdown over the joke present.

The ones who are just puzzled or dismayed are the best. An old banana... ?

Love, J

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  1. I thought that was super funny too!! I would really like to see my kids' reactions, but I am too scared to see if they would be funny or little brats!! If they act like that one boy, they would be getting coal in their stockings and nothing else!!! Hope you are doing well! Loved the new posts & pictures!! And I love reading about your "tree-hugging" ways, you are so inspiring!!!! Keep it up!!!