Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby goats

I have some Christmas wrap-up photos, but this is better, so those can wait.

I all-of-a-sudden got a job this week, which it turns out is full-time, though seasonal, work. On my first day of this job, I woke up with a terrible head cold and then had to bluster my lightheaded way through meeting a bunch of new people and doing semi-heavy manual labor all day.

It was not a good day.

I got home and just as I was about to change into my jammies and totally crash, Kit from River's Wish called.

She and Pete (Mr. River's Wish) were driving by our house on their way home from rescuing a mom and her day-old baby goats, and would we like it if they stopped by so we could cuddle them a little bit?

And just like that, my day got So. Much. Better.

(Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, it was dark and I hate using the flash.)

I totally know this visit was a plot at getting us to adopt the sweet little pair (Kit's not very sneaky about stuff like that), and I don't even care. Sometimes you just need to snuggle a goat.

Love, J

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