Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Paws

The hubs, G and I had a blast helping out at the winter fundraiser for River's Wish. We made vegan treats for the bake sale, snapped pictures of people and their pets with Santa, and enjoyed the general, Christmas-ee merriment.

We kind of had the best Santa ever. He told me that when he was a teenager, his mom got him his first Santa suit and he put an ad in the Nickel Nick that he'd visit kids and parties and stuff for $15. His dad had to drive him around town then, he didn't even have his license yet.

I always want to send out holiday cards, but the tree-hugger in me can't abide the paper waste.
So consider this photo the Hubs' and my festive, green greeting!

How much does this cutie look EXACTLY like Cindi Lou Who?!?

G and I had great success with our vegan snickerdoodles (from an old magazine I had lying around) and one for homemade, vegan peanut butter cups

5 straight hours of jolliness takes its toll

Love, J

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