Thursday, April 5, 2012

We grieve

About six weeks ago, the hubs and I built this box labyrinth for the bunnies, to keep them (and us) entertained. I didn't upload the pictures until yesterday, when I wanted recent Lily photos for my post.

Though their relationship started out rough, Vinny and Lily wound up bonding entirely. He's quieter about it than I've been (that is, no loud, theatrical weeping), but he is grieving along with us.

We left them together, as the books all recommend, for a while so that he could come to terms with her being gone. He stayed snuggled up next to her all night and all day. It was hard to watch, but I'm glad we knew to let him have time with her, because I can tell it's the right thing.

Sad times are so much harder when the one you would go to for comfort is the one who has gone. Lily was so patient with me on my down days. She'd let me pet her forever, and she'd just close her eyes when I'd bury my face in her forehead and soak her fur with tears. I have a lot of tears now, but none of the other rabbits much like that sort of needy-attention.

I miss her. And the Hubs; and Vinny; and everyone. We all miss her.

Love, J

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  1. Oh Jessica, you made me cry!! I am so sorry for your sweet little family's loss. I really enjoyed all the adorable lily posts throughout the year(s) and I will miss them! I am thinking of you & Josh and all your "furry" little children. Love you!!