Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A goodbye/love letter

Dear, sweet Lily,

You left us at midnight last night, moving on to whatever big adventure you had waiting for you after this life. I hope you know how completely I loved you.

You found your way to me in a dark time, and you made me happy. From the very first day you came to live with us, you amused and amazed me with your funny, bold personality and sweet heart. Over the next two and a half years, you kept me company at home and out in the garden. Of the many lessons you taught me, the one I value most was learning what a deep connection can form between a human and their animal companion. Each time I would see you watching me from across the room, or feel you nuzzle your way underneath my hand for some love, I was floored by the scope of my feelings for you. I never knew I could love a critter so entirely, be so smitten it ached.

That ache was nothing compared to what I feel now that you're gone.

You were the bravest, smartest, most affectionate, most beautiful rabbit there ever was, and even though you've only been gone a few hours, I deeply miss you, my little brown shadow. Even with your five bunny friends roaming the house, it feels empty without you.

If the daily hours spent fawning over your adorableness haven't already given me away, please know: I love you with my whole heart. And I will continue to love you forever, my sweet little best friend.

And thank you, Lily, so much.

Love, your mom

PS ~ You were also the sweetest smelling; my little graham cracker.

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