Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New bath

Okay, I really cannot find the "before" photos of our bath remodel.  So instead I will describe it: 

Moldy tub enclosure; rotted out grout; dingey linoleum; stained walls; the vanity and towel racks were faux wood finish and looked like something you'd find in an RV.  The toilet paper holder was shaped like a little outhouse.  There was no fan, so any shower in the winter totally steamed up that side of the house.  The mega-tub came to about 10 inches or so in front of the toilet, making the room uneccessarily cramped.  And the door had a 4' mural of three wolves howling at a full moon decapoged on its front. 

Basically, it was not a nice room.  (The Habitat Store did take the outhouse TP holder though, if you're in the market for some tacky.)

Then hubs gutted the room to its studs, and DIL worked his contractor magic.  Now we are revelling in our:

~ New, bigger window.
~ All new fixtures, including a short, deep tub reoriented to take up less space.
~  Linen closet.
~  Tile.  Oh, the tile!
~  Radiant floor heating under said tile.  I'm officially about as glam as J Lo.  Life goal acheived.

Plus a fancy fan, wolf-less door, nice lighting, and on and on and on.

And now may I present, the during and after photos, bath remodel edition:

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