Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last year and this

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Here just over the threshold of 2013, things are a touch different than they were a year ago.  

Life feels more stable, more secure.  And while anyone with half a brain will agree that apparent stability is no guarantee that the world won't turn upside down tomorrow, it is still a nice feeling to have while it lasts.

And I cannot say for sure, but I think overall I have grown more calm and more accepting of the people in my life; made less anxious by their supposed flaws and also by the flaws they allege in me.  I have always had an easier time finding Zen in life situations rather than in relationships.  But this year I really feel I have inched closer to a peace that makes me less critical of those I love and more able to simply meet them where they areI really hope to continue to cultivate that peace, because living without it is both frustrating and damn exhausting.

I've got my resolutions all lined up for the coming year.  There is something to learn; something to accomplish; and some virtues to nourish.  

Fresh years are such pretty, blank pages, but each day is new too, and I think we all do better when we can see the new start in each morning, or even each minute.  Taking things one year at a time is too overwhelming.

Baby steps.

Love, J

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