Friday, August 5, 2011

Around the garden right now

For some reason we haven't got any pears from our tree since we moved in.
It looks like that trend ends this year!

The first couple of eggplants are almost ready.

This tomato sprouted up on its own from a fruit I'd missed and let rot in last year's garden.
This tomato lives life on its own terms.
It has about 10 buddies who also popped up unbidden.
They chose sort of inconvenient places to grow,
right in the middle of other patches,
but they take care of themselves and I respect that.

My they-don't-look-like-they'll-live-so-I'll-just-throw-them-in-the-dirt-and-see cucumbers have actually sort of taken off.

The vines all look vital and healthy. The blossoms turn to sweet, tiny green melons. Then over the next few days, the little fruit turn yellow, then black, and wither away.
I am not amused.

Yellow onions have dumped over and are ready to be pulled and dried.
The reds aren't far behind.

The parsley is beautiful, but unable to live up to its potential in the kitchen until the tomatoes are ripe.
Also suffering from this dilemma are the cilantro and basil.

Pyramid O' Beans.
The sticks reach about 5' up, which apparently isn't enough because a few vines have leapt above this and are waving at least 6" higher in the air, and they're still growing.

I'm not sure what I did differently, but this year's bean patch looks about a million times better than last year's wimpy vines.
Maybe they decided to take me seriously when they heard I'm going professional with my bean-ing?

Love, J

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