Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carrot harvest

I finally pulled out about half of my carrots the other day. I'd planned to leave them in and see how they managed the winter, but the greens were looking so sad after the freezing nights that I took pity on them.

I pulled the greens off the carrots I picked, rubbed most of the dirt off, layered them in a basket with an old sheet, and stuck them in the garage. (Oh, and took all the split, holey ones inside to be eaten soonish.)

The other half of them is still planted, so I can keep an eye on them and see how they do. Man, I wish I had the guts to just dig a root cellar behind the garage or something. But I'm afraid: 1) It wouldn't work. Like, I wouldn't be able to get it deep enough or something and then I'd have ripped up part of the yard for no reason; and/or 2) I might find the skeleton of a pet the previous owners buried. The idea of this TOTALLY freaks me out.

Anyway, the carrots are gorgeous, and I am SO planting the same rainbow mix next year. A couple of the yellows are mutant monsters, they are so huge! Though there were hardly any purples, which seems odd - I'd think there would be an even mix.

Love, J

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