Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clothes makin' the man

If you want a cool illustration of the difference that just makeup, clothes, and hairstyles can make, watch Lars and the Real Girl. Then check out an episode of Pan Am to see Kelli Garner as a total bombshell and... basically anything else with Ryan Gosling to see him very, very yummy. (The Notebook, if you've a high saccharine tolerance; Fracture was good too.)

I watched Lars last night, and man, that movie rocks so hard. Every single performance is impeccable, touching without being sappy; I love it. I keep it with our holiday movies because the setting is so wintery and cold, I can't ever get into it any other time of year.

Anyway, last night the first scene featuring Kelli Garner had me bolting upright on the couch: That's the girl from Pan Am. No way. Because she looks SO different, it's crazy. When I first saw "Lars," I never in a million years thought that actress could be done up to be the bombshell she is on the TV drama. In fact, though I've been watching the show all season, I didn't even recognize her from my favorite movie until I re-watched it last night.

It makes me wonder if eyeliner and red hair would work the same wonders for me!

Love, J

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