Friday, May 4, 2012


We went to River's Wish

To help Vinny find a new friend

The Hubs goofed off with the goats

He and Nancy may have fallen in love

Vinny played in the pipes

Vinny likes the pipes

Vinny says, "Pipes are my favorite"

Yay Pipes!

And despite the distracting, awesome pipes, Vinny found a new friend.

She is lovely.  Her name is Freya.
We liked her too, so we all went home together.

Vinny and Freya got along right away.  Outside.


(Sorry, I'm out of photos to illustrate the rest of this journey.)

Then one night, all of a sudden, they stopped loving each other, and instead tried to kill each other.  Luckily, their brawl woke me up in time, or I may have found some seriously maimed rabbits in the morning.  Now we can't have them together at all, or they're at each others' throat.

So, okay, we thought, we'll start all over, and we put them next to each other, with an x-pen separating them to minimize the damage they could do to one another.

And still, Freya managed to reach through the pen and lacerate the Vin-ster's nose so deeply, he's now sporting a row of stitches.  

They're hot pink.  
He looks funny.  
I'll get a picture before they come out (in a week or so), I promise.

We've been up to more than just living through one bunny drama after another.  Here, some gardening:

And soccer games:

 Oops, and here's Freya again.  But she's modeling my new, pretty chair, so it's not just a gratuitous rabbit pic; this one has a purpose.

Life without Lily still bites the big one, but we're all slowly adjusting.

Love, J


  1. Love the new update. Poor Vinny and his girl drama, hopefully they will make up soon!! Also love the new gardening picts, I have been trying my green thumb out too. I have bug problems though and am ready to give up on my herbs. . . but my tomato has 3 baby green tomatoes which makes me happy. Hope life without Lily is getting easier, I've been thinking about you and Josh a lot. I think I may be making a trip to Spokane this July, we will have to get together again! Take Care and keep those new posts coming!!

  2. I for sure want to see you in July, but does that mean you won't be here for the reunion in August? I know you were considering it - just come with us and it will be fun!

  3. You are too funny. I don't think I will make it to the reunion (even though I would have totally hung out with you, who else would I hang out with!?!?). The reunion timing just didn't work out. My sister from Arizona is coming back to Spokane for a visit so I am going to come for her last week, so my sisters and I will all be together. Plus Madison starts kindergarten the second week of August!!! Can't believe she is that old, and that they start so early here in Colorado! The timing just really didn't work out. You will have to tell me all about it though, I want to hear all the juicy details ;)