Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double the dirt, double the fun

It took almost 3 years, but I finally convinced the Hubs to rip out a portion of our giant lawn to expand my garden-canvas.  

 Well hello, this year's home for corn; beans; squash; cukes; and tomatoes.  

Bonus: my lawn-mowing time is now down probably about 8 minutes.  I do like mowing the grass, but I HATE watering it.  So I don't.  And then it dies by the 4th of July, further cementing our status as the neighborhood hillbillies.  Which on our block, I assure you, is a title for which there is very stiff competition.
I love this pictorial because I was at work when he did this project.  I didn't even know he'd taken photos as he went until I just now found them on the camera.

And after all the work, he read my mind and got some shots of the flowers alongside the house.

And THEN, he stopped reading my mind, and went kind of a weird direction...

Thank you for the new patch of dirt, handsome!  We will feast on corn chowder this winter.

Love, J

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  1. Oh Jessica!! I LOVE the things you write!! I can not wait to see your HUGE garden all planted. . . so jealous!! And Josh's picture taking is fantastic. Loved the last part of your post, so funny!! Speaking of pictures, I need to take some of my weird bugs for you. I thought they were aphids, but they made a weird web all over my plants?? My basil is officially dead, but you should see my tomato plant. She is a beauty and I am in love with her ;) P.S. I might be able to see your garden in her full glory - I am cooking up a plan to be back in Spokane for a long visit at the end of July!!! I have to make a trip to your "hillbilly" farm, hahahaha!!!! Keep these posts coming, I am loving them!!!