Friday, June 15, 2012

Cute little blog

Have you seen Never Seconds?

Probably you have.  It's in the news all over, but I've been neglectful with my web surfing lately, so I just saw it for the first time tonight.

Anyway, it's by this little girl in Scotland who takes pictures of her school lunches and then blogs about it.  She's kind of a big deal now, and with all the attention her blog has gotten, her school's lunch offerings have improved mucho.

I mostly like it because she writes so cute, like this:

"I was so keen to eat I dashed out of my class leaving the camera behind."

Love, J

PS~ Aunt Sue I got your note today - thank you times one hundred!  

And your stationary is beautiful, like something I imagine the queen would use.

(That sounds like I'm making fun of you, but I'm not.  Really.  I want fancy note cards that make me feel like royalty too.)

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