Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's not like we have 50 or something

I must come clean: we have six rabbits.

And have for some time now, though I've resisted sharing this tidbit because I know it sounds like too many pets to some people.

But it doesn't *feel* like that many, and we so love them all.

Francis and Paul are the two I've neglected to mention on the blog.  These two brothers are totally nuts.

They're silky and gorgeous and curious and sometimes they're so fast that my eyes can't even register their path across the yard.  I suspect they have feral relatives not-too-far back in their lineage, because while they can be friendly, mostly they freak out if you even make eye contact with them across the room.

But of the six, these two are by far the most animated and hilarious to watch.

Paul's brown and Francis is orange
A while back, Paul jumped through the window in the greenhouse.  I found him, scooted him back outside, and shut the window.  Only from the ground, he couldn't tell it was shut, so he kept trying to duplicate his first success, and wound up repeatedly thunking against the window and falling into the dirt, confused.

It was just the best day.

Love, J

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  1. Hahaha! Love the story about Paul! That would have been funny to see. So instead of the cat lady, you are going to be the "bunny lady"!?!? I love it and I am so glad that these bunnies have a wonderful home and have you!!