Monday, July 6, 2015

Crossfit is creepy

I once saw a friend post "crossfit is creepy" on his facebook page.  Not only do I understand his position but I absolutely agree with it.  However, I love crossfit in spite of everything that makes it creepy, because the awesome > the creepy.

* I just wrote a long rant on crossfit and its pros/cons and myths/truths and then deleted it because the internet does not need a millionth post like that.  You are welcome.*

Instead here are some clips of the hubs from when we competed in the Open this spring.  I'm jealous of his double unders, but not the muscle ups because those are too flashy for me.

The guy judging the hubs is Kenny.  Kenny is a quiet, funny nurse who always shares his gum.

The blonde doing muscle ups is Bri.  She went to high school with us and is one of my most fun friends because she will jump in and dance and/or sing karaoke with me without even having to get drunk first.  And actually so will her mom Jodi, who is the woman filming and yelling at Bri.  Jodi is cool anyway but she does crossfit and that makes her even cooler.

Love, J

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