Sunday, July 12, 2015

The garden in July

This guy right here deserves a lot of garden credit.  He built the beds; paths; greenhouse; fence; compost bays.  And now he's doing a chicken coop for Alice.  He's the best sport ever for bringing my ideas to life.  We're a good team - I just need to work on pacing myself so he doesn't end up working on too many projects at the same time. 

Last year was the first time I ever planted flowers - snapdragons and marigolds.  The snapdragons reseeded themselves and just sprung up as is, which was convenient.  The marigolds I started in the greenhouse using seeds I saved from last year's plants. 

I got one beet last year.  One.  This year the whole patch took off.  I did nothing different.  And last year the parsley was phenomenal while this year only 4 or 5 seeds even sprouted.  I can't figure stuff like that out.  I figure it keeps us from having the same exact garden every year and makes things exciting.

When seeds won't germinate or the marmots take out my starts and I've got a hole to fill, I just stick a zucchini there. 
 Canteloupe in the foreground.  I've never grown these before and had no idea is was so easy.  I started these from seed in the greenhouse and they are some of the happiest plants in the garden.  There are already 6-8 fruit forming.

My fancy new 3-bay compost facility is in the background here. 

Squash; pumpkins. 

I will not water the grass.  We haven't had to mow since May. 

The hubs built this pallet fence last fall, to give us a little privacy from the road.  Our lot is beautiful but it's weird not to have more of a real backyard. 

 Paul graduates from acupuncture to a chiropractor next week.  It's only his right hind leg that's not working now.  He still scoots around with commendable pluck.

The little white rabbit is Ginny.  She is the cutest bunny to ever live with us.  She's also a real jerk.  I'll formally introduce you another day. 

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