Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shower garland

I am a major hoarder. I try not to pack-rat sock stuff away indiscriminately (though that's harder to avoid, now that we have a basement), but when I acquire something I like, I save it. For a long, long time. It takes me on average about a year to start spending gift cards. And pretty craft supplies will sit neatly on the shelf for ages, waiting until I find a worthy project. I enjoy using nice things, but what really sends me is potential.

I have been collecting pretty sheets from thrift stores for a few years. It's my green, inexpensive way to accumulate a wide selection of fabric. The stash keeps getting bigger, and I very rarely have kept its growth in check by actually using some of it. But this month I began a project. It won't use much yardage, but it will take advantage of the variety that I've gathered.

I am craving crafts like this these days. Slowly, mindlessly tracing and cutting the fabric and passing it off to the hubs to iron and stack, while we watch 'Greek' online each night. I look forward to this time all day while I read, re-read, and re-read again the elements of 1st degree arson.

And it will be a dainty decorative touch to the baby shower I'm co-hosting with mom-in-law at the end of the month. We'll be celebrating the first girl baby in the family in generations with properly frilly tea & cupcakes.

Love, J

ps ~ Yes, that is the Christmas tree in the background, and yes these photos were taken this morning. There's no telling when it will come down. I seem to have lost all sense of time in this sucking study vortex, and keeping up with the seasons has been one of the many casualties. Along with eating any food that isn't processed beyond recognition, and leaving the house more than once a week (and even then, it's only to purchase more processed food). But I still blog. And watch 'Greek.' Because I have my priorities straight.

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