Monday, January 4, 2010

Weather girl

Rainy, dreary day today. I kind of love it. For our last year in Seattle, we lived in a basement apartment. While it was totally beautiful on the inside, it wasn't fun being windowless for 12 months. I felt like I missed a whole year of seasons. In our house now, I know what the weather is like as soon as I wake up. And if it's bleak, like today, it's fun to tidy up, light some candles, and make it all cozy inside.

Does anyone else totally love winter weather?

I think it's because in the winter, I have no expectations of what the weather should be like.

In the summer, it better be hot. Like, so hot it hurts. So hot that I stand a chance at getting warm.

In the winter, it's supposed to be crappy out. So I'm totally satisfied with whatever each day brings.

For example, this year has brought practically no snow.

I love snow. But no snow is cool too.

Except I hope there's a little bit more snow at some point. I haven't gone sledding yet.

Love, J

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