Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update on the 2-legged dog

Cooper pre-accident

Cooper is slowly though not-quite-surely regaining feeling and strength in his second front leg. There's still no way to tell whether the nerves will recover enough for him to put weight on it and use it to walk, but the vet said it would be months before we'd know for sure.

In the meantime, he's in amazingly high spirits for a dog who can't walk. He barks and whines and drags himself over to people when they come in the front door. He can actually move around pretty well on the carpet - not so much on the linoleum, where he slides and skitters and can't get good enough traction.

Step-dad carries him out back a few times a day and leaves him out there to do his dog-thing, then goes out to get him when he barks. Once, he took Cooper out after dark and when he went to go bring him in, he couldn't find him. Cooper had dragged himself all the way across the yard and underneath a bunch of bushes. It took some time (plus a flashlight) to track him down.

So anyhow, he's still trucking along.

Love, J

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