Friday, February 12, 2010

I'd show you today's to-do list but I'm too ashamed

5:50 am ~ Up before my alarm goes off. Take this as a good sign.

6 am - 1 pm ~ Alternate between staring at my constitutional law outline without anything sinking in, napping, and berating myself for my lousy work ethic.

1 pm ~ After a good long nap, I read through the outline start to finish 3 times and feel like I'm starting to understand it.

4 pm ~ Hubs wakes up and we watch 'The Hangover' while we eat. You know how people joke around and say 'I feel dumber just for having watched that,' after they see a really lame movie? In this case that is literally true, because that was 2 hours I should have spent studying. And that movie SUCKS. I'm sad for Ed Helms and Rob Riggle, that they would be in something so terrible. I hope they got paid a lot for it.

7 pm ~ Hubs leaves for work. I haven't accomplished 1/10 of what's on my to-do list. Time to focus.

7:30 pm ~ Can't focus.

8 pm~ I wonder if I can braid my hair into a circle?

8:15 pm ~ Cool, it worked.

8:30 pm ~ So I guess I'm really not going to get anything done today.

BUT, then I saw my inbox had a new graded essay I'd sent in a few days ago.

The grader says:

BRAVA, Jessica!!!!!!!
This was excellent! [some boring stuff here with a few tips] Go celebrate for 10 minutes!

And I got a 9.5 on it. Out of 10. Yippee. Almost makes me feel less uneasy about taking off the past 10 hours, rather than minutes... eeshk.

Love, J

PS: Don't let all these I-didn't-get-any-good-studying-done-today posts fool you. I've been working my butt off and feel pretty ready for the exam. I just happen to write on here when I'm having less productive days, so you're not getting a very representative sample ; )

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  1. Very cute hair, I wish I could do that! But then I have no hair to do that on, so oh well! I have a lot of days like this, but you always end up making up for it the next day (or day after that). You just needed to give your brain a really good break and now it will be so ready for tomorrow!!! Good luck - still thinking about you and sending good vibes your way!!!