Saturday, May 22, 2010

From the vault

These were taken in Seattle last May:

The hubs is absolutely dying to road trip back over the mountains, and now that I've passed the test and my West-side-trauma has healed, I'm ready to do the same. As soon as the baby bunnies go back to the sanctuary, we're hitting the road.

Seattle to-do list:

- Visit all of our friends!
- Value Village in Capitol Hill
- Pike Place Market for flowers
- Dancing at the Century Ballroom
- Eat. And eat and eat and eat. Araya's;
Than Vi; Agua Verde; Cupcake Royale; Great Harvest; Silent Heart Nest; Thai Tom; Alibi Room; that Indian place we loved but never learned the name of... Can you fit a dozen lunches and dinners into a long weekend? We may have to try.

Love, J

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