Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teeny houseguests

I got an email from our favorite animal shelter last week, asking if we would be willing to foster a family of 6 baby bunnies and their mom for a month or so. I read the email to the hubs, who responded exactly as I expected him too: "Um, hell yes!"

River's Wish is a very happy place where the animals are taken care of extremely well, but it's supposed to be good for the babies to be handled a bit each day so that they grow up comfortable with humans. Basically we're being treated with the chance to do a "favor" to the shelter by cuddling and loving on these awesome little guys.

Their mom is so sweet, and she and the dad rabbit were taken from their owners by the police after a neighbor reported their neglect. It's so sad to think of her all pregnant and living outdoors in a small hutch with not enough food. She had her litter just a few hours after arriving at River's Wish.

Love, J

PS ~ There's no denying that these guys are WAY cute, but I'm also afraid I gloss over how naughty and high maintenance the rabbits can be sometimes. If any of my bunny posts have you considering taking in a couple of your own, make sure you read up on them beforehand! This is the authoritative site, and this is good too.

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