Saturday, September 18, 2010

G and bunnies iz so CUTE

G and I have an affinity for I Can Haz Cheezburgr.

(And who doesn't, really?)

A few summers ago, we found one we just loved. I can't track it down right now, but it was a kitten in someone's shirt pocket, and it read, "i are in your pocket, being tinyz," or something like that.

A little while later, G, hubs, and cousin and I went camping at Liberty Lake. The mosquitoes were
horrible, and we went for a "hike" that turned out to be us just walking out into the woods for five minutes, and then making a mad dash back to camp because we were all getting eaten alive. I got the worst of it, and I'm also the whiniest of the four of us, so we were all losers, in the end.

The bite I really remember was right in the middle of my forehead, and despite my valiant struggle not to scratch, it grew huge. Giant. And it looked like a zit. In the morning, I was despairing over it in something reflective, while hubs and cousin taunted me and my new appendage.

And G walked up, saw what was going on, and said simply,

"Don't worry. He are on your forehead, being tinyz."

And I fell even more in love with her, the clever girl.


G & Me don't eat meat


I Can Has Cheezeburgr is the internet at it's best


(Bunnies are Awesome) x 1,000


This photo was clearly made with us in mind:

Picture from here
And they make t-shirts!

Love, J

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