Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bunny Bread

This is Bread.

He's a handsome little guy. Remember when we first fostered his family? He was about the size that his head is now. Bread was the one baby we kept from that litter, along with his mom Sarah.

So now we have:

1. Lily
2. Vinny
3. Sarah
4. Bread

"Bread" is a weird name.

It started as "Baby Red," because he's got the same soft red fur on the back of his neck that earned Lily her nickname of "Red."

Then it became "B. Red," and then "Bread."

Even "Baby Red" was sort of lazy of us, but we had 7 new rabbits to name at the time and we didn't really care that much what they were called.

But he smells all warm and soft and comforting, just like fresh-baked bread, so maybe we knew what we were doing...

Love, J

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