Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Cozy

Normally I am not someone who enjoys making things from kits.

In fact, I sort of hate it.

I like to have more control over the finished product.

Kits come with too many rules. And everyone's results look too much the same.

But Ms. Alicia has been dangling the most lovely ornament kits in front of me for three years now. Something about embroidery on felt just really sends me, and I love her designs so much. I don't mind at all if my ornaments wind up looking just like the ones in the pictures, because those are exactly the ornaments I want.

So I may just have to take the plunge into the land of crafting-by-kit.

My plan is to make one of these kits each year with G. I'll use the ornaments for a while, and then give the whole set to her when she's grown and has her own tree.

Plus, I for sure am overdue for patronizing Alicia, as hers was the first blog I followed and adored. Her cheery, pretty posts carried me through three gloomy law school winters. So much so that even now when it's blustery out or I'm feeling unwell, the hubs tells me to get to the couch with my slippers, tea, and crochet and, "You know, get all Posie gets Cozy."

Love, J

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