Thursday, September 16, 2010

I shouldn't be surprised, he's a bit of a diva himself

The hubs went back the the death-shift this week. Not that he sees more dead bodies at night or anything (Or maybe he does. I don't ask about stuff like that). It's just that it feels like every round of graveyard he works shaves a year off of each of our lives, what with the never seeing each other and neither of us sleeping so well, me without him and him during the daytime.

And still, he finds ways to make me smile, even when he's not around.

This morning I drove to the Shala in the dark. It was gloomy and drizzly out, and the radio stations weren't playing anything that fit my mellow, let's-ease-into-this-rainy-day attitude. I wanted to listen to my Josh Ritter CD, so at a stoplight, I hit "eject" on the player. I assumed it would spit out a Metallica album, since the hubs is normally the only one who uses the CD player.

Only, the little disc poking out of the dashboard wasn't full of Metallica songs.

I had never seen this CD before.

It was purple.

And decorated with little butterflies.

And it had the song, "Always be my Baby," on it.

(Which, by the way, was the only title I recognized out of 15 or so songs listed on its face.)

It was Mariah Carey's greatest hits.

Thanks for the laugh, honey, it was an unexpectedly happy way to start my day.

Love, J

And if you're looking for Mariah, she's stored safely away in the Josh Ritter case. She's all yours.)

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