Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sweet Freya is officially the Hubs' new BFF, for reals.  She is unbelievably affectionate, to the point where she will majorly guilt trip us if we are ever not petting her.  Which makes it hard to get stuff done, but we find ways to work around it, because of how damn cute she is.  Of course I still miss my Lily girl, but Freya's cuddly in-your-face-ness has been a huge comfort.  In the picture above, Freya jumped up on his back when he stooped over.  They're both so goofy.

The year of the pie is still swimming along.  This month marks the halfway point, and so far we've done:

- Strawberry Rhubarb for July
- Mixed Berry (huckle, rasp, and black) for August
- Peach for September
- Apple for October
- Pumpkin for November
- Pecan for December

The peach pie was probably the best thing I've ever made or eaten in my whole life.

Blogger was "updated" sometime this year, and is now about a billion times less user friendly.  And even after I spend way longer on a post, it's never as cute and polished as I could get posts with the old system.  Bleh, progress, why fix things that aren't broke?  Anyway, that's my excuse for the downswing in post prettiness.

This weekend I'm wrapping presents and rooting for the snow that's falling very reluctantly.

Love, J

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