Sunday, December 23, 2012


We decided to caravan up the mountain, and as I pulled away from the house, Step-dad first instructed me to go West, then changed his mind and said I should go East.  So I looped around the block, with car 2 (hubs, BIL and baby niece) following.

Step-Dad:  They're probably wondering what we're doing.

G and little cousin (in the back seat):  *Giggle*

Me:  How many times do you think I could go around the block before they called to ask what was going on?

Step-Dad:  Three.  They'd talk amongst themselves for a while first, trying to figure it out.

Me:  No way, they'd call after two times.

Step-Dad:  No, that's too fast.

So we bet a cup of hot chocolate and began another trip around.  I'm glad that I won and the phone rang exactly as we rounded the block the second time, because all 4 of us were laughing so hard by then that my driving maybe wasn't 100% attentive.  But we composed ourselves and sallied forth.


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Love, J

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