Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where legal research meets holiday cheer

The list of things I liked about law school is sparse indeed. But I can now add festive holiday decorations to that list.

There are two major legal databases that attorneys use to look up cases and statutes. Both companies try their best to get future lawyers hooked on their database while we are still students, so that after graduation we'll pay the big bucks to use their services. They buy our love with free lunches, gift cards, and points. Oh, the points.

My first year of law school, I researched with both databases constantly, for the sole purpose of earning those beautiful points. They can be redeemed for some pretty choice prizes, and I wanted very badly to have enough by graduation that I could cash them in for a fancy projector or a nice camera.

But my interest waned during my second year, when I started working and didn't have time to go to the lunch classes that earn you major pointage. Plus, one of the companies hired a new rep, and he really annoyed me (and was stingy with his points), so I sort of boycotted them for a while.

Still, by the end of my third year, I had a pretty huge point stash. Not big enough to send for the big-ticket items I'd had my eye on, but I did okay.

From the first company, I ordered a dutch oven from Le Creuset (I LOVE Le Creuset, mostly because of the colors. Probably it cooks well too, but I don't know what I'm doing enough to be able to tell the difference.) And I got a box of ramikins with the leftovers.

I looked through probably every prize in the online catalog for the second database, but nothing caught my fancy. So I redeemed my points with them for a cash card that is good only at certain vendors.

And Home Depot is one of those vendors.

And Home Depot has Christmas lights.

Fabulous, giant, LED Christmas lights.

So the hubs and I had a shopping spree, and I fulfilled a lifelong dream of having my very own home decked out in lights. And now we sleep in one cheery, colorful little house.

Happy December!

Love, J

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