Thursday, December 31, 2009

In 2009, I:

Started a blog.

Celebrated with the hubs when he was offered his dream job.

Finished school, never to return. (Well, never say never.) (But also... never.)

Bought a house. A good one.

Took the last and biggest exam of my life.

Moved away from a very cool city.

Finally saw West Texas in person.

Worked on the house. Made it better, brighter, cozier.

Discovered I'd failed the last and biggest exam of my life.

Wallowed but good.

Borrowed a rabbit from my sister. Let borrowing become stealing, because I fell in love.

Learned how to pick myself up and start again. Grudgingly, maybe, but it still counts.

It's all been very exciting, but you know what I could go for in 2010?

Getting stuck in a nice, boring rut. At least for a little while.

Happy New Year,

Love, J

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