Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blue & white checked sweater

My grandmother is moving to a slightly smaller apartment and is handing off her worldly possessions left and right so that she won't feel all cluttered in her new digs. Being the very good granddaughter I am, I went over there a few nights ago to root through the bags of things she no longer wants, and I came up with some major finds.

My favorite is this blue and white wool sweater. Grandma told me that either she or her mother knitted it, she can't remember which.

I spend plenty of time with my yarn and needles, but I can't imagine making so many clothes that I could knit a whole sweater and then forget I'd made it. Have you ever knit a sweater? Even if you're speedy, it takes quite a few hours. The only one I've made (that wasn't baby-size) took me two years off-and-on because I kept getting sick of it.

Anyway, it's warm and fits cute and if you spot me at the supermarket this winter, I will almost surely be wearing it.

On another topic, I have learned that it is very hard to take an un-blurry photograph of yourself in a mirror when you don't have good lighting. Especially if you try to do it with the camera away from your face while capturing more just your right hip or the very top of your head.

Love, J

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  1. I remember Mom in that sweater when I was a kid!