Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I did on my winter break

Dad-in-law showing off the slippers his son made him

I made presents:

Homemade 'Twinkies' for Grandpa

T-shirt blanket for the hubs

I wrapped presents:

All furoshiki, all the time

I celebrated the holiday 4 different times:

With the in-laws,

The grandparents,

And at the big Christmas Eve bash.

And then Christmas morning with my sisters. I've stopped taking pictures of those celebrations, because no one wants to be photographed at 6 am, and we usually just open gifts by the light of the fireplace and tree lights, so the pictures don't really turn out anyhow.

And now for some Lily pictures (because she doesn't stop being photogenic just because I stop blogging for a while):

G is the only critter I know who can out-cute the bunny.

Love, J

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