Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enjoying our home & garden

It is peaceful here tonight. Even more than usual. The dishwasher is humming along, the floor is swept, and the hubs is off fighting crime. He cleaned the house while I was at work today, so I was able to spend the afternoon in the garden. I weeded a bit and planted almost 60 onions. And those were just the reds - I still have the whites and yellows to tackle another day. I appreciate all kinds of weather (depending on whether or not I have to be out in it!) but in the sunny warmth you just can't help but smile.

Tonight I plan on getting around to my own little messes - the ones the hubs has to clean around when he picks up the house. (Example: the tower of sewing supplies stacked in the living room. Every time I think to put it away, I see the bunnies are playing with the fabric, and I hate to spoil their fun.) I have dozens of relatives flocking to Spokane this weekend, none of whom have seen our home yet, so I want to shine it up nice.

Love, J

Sneak peak at tomorrow's post: I bet I complain about my back hurting from my time in the garden!

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