Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is Vinny. He's more private and low-profile than Lily, so he doesn't really headline on the blog the way she does. But this windy afternoon he agreed to a photo shoot so you all can see that he is well.

He is both jolly and plump, just like Santa Claus. When he flops on his side, he always lolls back and forth a bit, getting high-centered on his rather ample middle before settling down to nap.

And while not a great giver of affection, he does love to receive it. A dozen times a day, he will creep up to Lily and stick his nose under her chin, demanding to be groomed. She usually complies, though he has only been witnessed returning the favor once or twice.

I would find this rude, but she steals the majority of his treats, so I guess things balance out.

Each day he is acting a little less like a skittish, formerly ignored rabbit, and a little more like the adored, pampered prince he is.

He seems happy now, and we are certainly happy to have him.

Love, J

POST EDIT~ We adopted Vinny from River's Wish Animal Sanctuary, and I cannot say enough nice things about it. If you're thinking about getting a rabbit (or any pet, actually), please, please don't go to the pet store. There are TONS of shelter bunnies that need good homes, and they come in all shapes and sizes so you'll be sure to find the little guy, gal, or pair for you.

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