Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sucker for satin

My wedding is loooong over, but I still happen upon things every so often - venues, songs, food - that make me think, "This would be great for a wedding!"

Today it is this dress:

It's for sale in this shop.

Isn't it stunning?

I wouldn't change much about the way we did it the first time, it was so much fun. But my tastes are so different now that if I were to start over with the planning, a very different reception would result.

About the only taste I have that remains unaltered is my preference for this guy.

Since we had the first ceremony so young, I'm wondering if we could pull off a second one at the 10-year mark? No presents or anything (though I'm not gonna lie, I do love presents ; ) Just a chance to throw another big party and get all fancy and invite everyone we know, including all the new friends we've made since we did the whole thing last time.

I don't think a big 10-year anniversary bash would be a bad idea at all.

So can I buy that dress now?

Love, J

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