Friday, April 9, 2010

Right now we are 5

This little crew is living in our guest room.

And when one afternoon I described to them Battle of the Bods, my latest grotesquely offensive television program discovery, God love 'em, they instantly demanded to see it for themselves, and were soon as enthralled as me. So now we spend each evening gathered around the laptop, arguing over which contestant has the best legs. There is something irresistible in the unparalleled trashiness of a show that bleeps out comments uttered by the host herself.*

Only Baby has the good sense to shield her eyes from the unbridled depravity.

Love, J

* Even I could only stomach one episode of this show on my own. The trick, it seems, is to watch it as a group and treat it as an interactive horror show, rather than a passive spectating experience.

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