Friday, June 18, 2010

My favorite sites

These change frequently, but right now this is my list of favorite, must-check-every-day websites (other than all the job-hunt-related ones, of course):

We Heart It is a gorgeous time-suck, and I have great fun trolling through the pretty photos and daydreaming.

Ms. Sayward at Bonsai Aphrodite has at least one tip worth trying each week. And she makes me wish I'd tried harder for a catchy-kitchsy blog name.

I enjoy reading the hilarious musings on Dooce, and seeing Ms. Heather's heartbreakingly beautiful photos of her kids. But this puts me in danger of coming down with a case of baby fever, so I always follow it with a shot of...

Shit My Kids Ruined. Fever cured.

Love, J

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