Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wine cork bath mat

My dad-in-law is a wine drinking, Harley riding, blackbelt-holding, contractor yogi. And he loves bubble baths.

All of his very varied likes and hobbies make him reeeeally fun to get presents for.

This year I happened across a tutorial for a wine cork bath mat about a month before Father's Day, and knew it would be just the ticket. It's even classy enough to fit in with the pretty new master bath he just remodeled.

taking his new mat for a spin

I love that we had all of the materials for this lying around (with some help on the corks from mom-in-law). Plus it feels really good to stand on.

But the best part of making this was that it meant I got to play with the glue gun. I know that sharing is good and all, but when something is as much fun as a glue gun, you don't take turns.

Love, J

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