Friday, July 9, 2010

Looks can deceive

She's cute, right?

Getting her nails clipped

Don't be fooled.

She currently has our house under seige, as we try to bond her and Vinny with the two new guys we adopted out of the batch we were fostering. (The rest of them are back at River's Wish now.)

We have to keep the two pairs strictly separated unless we're right on top of them to break up fights. And the old guys still torment the newcomers through the bars of their cages. I'm very ready for the rein of terror to end, so I can snuggle with a happy pile of cuddly rabbits.

For the record, the hubs wanted to adopt an extra bunny and bring our total to 5. So while I am certainly a weird rabbit lady, I can tell you that he's at least one rabbit weirder.

That's my man.

Love, J

1 comment:

  1. That is really funny! I can't believe you have 4 rabbits now!!!! My rabbit anxiety level is rising just thinking about it!! Although your rabbits do look pretty friendly and cuddly. And I love all your rabbit pictures!!