Sunday, July 4, 2010


Another project by step-dad and G. I don't know how they did this (he says it wasn't Photoshopped, he was just playing with exposures after dark) but I HAVE to learn how.

His email says:
I tried to write “Luna”, but had to do it backwards and got confused. So, it’s now titled “Luma.”

Love, J

PS ~ Happy 4th of July! No plans for us - we're not campers and I dislike fireworks shows almost as much as parades (blech, parades).

I DO like setting off our own fireworks in the street, but our wussy legislators banned that a while back. So I think we'll just walk around and watch our neighbors light their own in the street - all the fun with none of the risk of getting in trouble! (I'm wussy too, see.)

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