Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blue shirt for the guy

This shirt wasn't ever anything fancy. It just said "Reebok," and I think it was a freebie he got when he was on the track team. But I always liked how it fit him, and so I was sad when he took it out of rotation after getting paint on it a while back.

But turned inside out and sprinkled with stars (which were drawn just by tracing his badge onto the fabric), and it's back in business.

What else can I applique? I'm so addicted to this right now, it's not even funny.

Love, J


  1. have you been to You should start selling some of these things!

  2. Hi Mal,

    Yes, I'm sort of obsessed with Etsy. I kill tons of time browsing through the shops there, especially the paintings and vintage clothes and jewelry shops. Thanks for the vote of confidence. If I ever build a stockpile of homemade stuff, I do think it would be fun to try setting up a shop. The hard part for me is to make original projects that aren't just ripoffs of things I see online!

    - me