Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday night tidbits

First of all, this lady's paintings might be some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I need me some.

And second of all, I know that I know better than to try to sew my own clothes (they never, ever turn out), but if I were to have a lapse in judgment and give it another go, I'd try something like this beauty from 13 Bees (she always has the best stuff):

Thirdly, forget Gap Kids. If I ever have children, I'm dressing them all in clothes made from Oliver + S patterns. The jump rope dress is about the cutest thing ever:

And finally, a video I keep forgetting to post. Oprah recently had a contest where people sent in audition tapes, trying to win their own show on her network. I am totally crushing on this guy Zach who won his own travel show. Here's his audition tape:

A couple weeks ago, I caught his hilarious first episode, where he gave a tour of Hollywood. (Zack says, "Hollywood: where many stars live, and millions more are obscured by the smog.") Unfortunately, now I can't find that clip anywhere, but here's his Youtube page, with some other episodes and web clips.

Love, J

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