Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kissed a Girl, Unplugged

It's funny how I can hear a song with just a few changes, and go from hating it to really liking it. "Jolene," done by The White Stripes = me likey. The original by Dolly Parton? Not so much.

I normally am not a Katy Perry fan at all, but the hubs loves her music, so when we stopped at the library last week to stock up on CDs for a little road trip, he picked out one of hers.

Lucky for me, this particular album was freaking awesome; acoustic versions of Ms. Perry's hits. When the poppiness is replaced with a jazz bent, her voice is actually really great. I had no idea!

(This doesn't solve the issue of her lyrics, if they bother you - I've always thought they were sort of funny.)

Love, J

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