Friday, July 29, 2011

Art for the Animals Recap & Thank You

The first ever Art for the Animals auction was hugely successful in both ways that count: it raised a bunch of money, and it was a really fun night. Check and check.

I call this: Volunteer with Goat

This is Kit.
Kit runs River's Wish with her husband Pete.
Kit gets stuff done.

My BFF knows her wine.

Truly this photo is too blurry to be posted.
BUT, it's the only one I have of a very cool lady:
the animal control officer who rescued our sweet Sarah.

I award this pair two prizes for the evening:
Traveled the Farthest
Best-Looking Couple

And I call this one: Did I Win the Genetic Lottery or What?

And for the grand finale, Aunt Micky came up to me at the very end of the night with a neat little square package and informed me that after a bidding war with her, Grandma & Grandpa won Aunt Mary's painting and wanted to give it to the hubs and me. So now I have a new favorite thing ever.

Boo yah.

Thank you to everyone for donating and/or attending the auction. This is one charity that I know does incredible things; I've seen it. And they really do appreciate the bucks and put it toward very worthwhile work!

Love, J

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