Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bean Biz

I have a new project going on, and it involves a lot of my favorite things:

*fresh, local produce
*fancy jars & labels
*craft fairs & farmer's markets
*not wearing pantyhose

My business license is set to arrive in the mail this week. The state's food processor requirements are pesky, to say the least, but I *believe* I will have muddled through them all in time to snag and jar some of this year's harvest. (Knock on wood!)

Love, J

* I really don't deserve to use this picture, because as soon as I heard the shutter click, I spun around and shrieked at the hubs for bothering me while I was in the middle of the water bath. The water bath makes me edgy. Sorry sweetie. (And thanks for the photo ; )

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