Sunday, July 24, 2011

A sister got married!

My goodness, this was a great wedding. Beautiful day, beautiful people, beautiful fun.

Aunt Sue, I followed your orders to take a lot of pictures. Then I even stole some from other cameras, so scrolling through these should be practically like being there.

(Towards the end, feel free to crank up some "Journey" for the dance pics, just to get the full effect.)

In the last picture we have with all 7 sisters, G is about 2 years old, so this little series is both very special and long overdue:

Love, J

PS ~ I notice the groom is not in many of these photos. I have some more really good ones of him visiting with guests outside before the wedding. However, a certain uncle who avoids being photographed somehow wound up featuring prominently in these pictures, so I cannot post them here, lest he disown me. And I'm probably already on his list for participating in the 7-niece flash mob that danced around him while he ate his cake.

(Participating, but not instigating. It was Beth's - very good - idea.)

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