Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peas and lettuce and pumpkins

Altogether in one patch. I sort of thought the peas & lettuce would be fried from the heat and pulled out before the pumpkins really took off, but that's not how it's panning out. It will take a few years of trial and error before I figure out how to overlap crops!

This year we're trying Cinderella pumpkins, which I think are SO pretty. I hope we get at least a couple monster ones - I've never grown a really big pumpkin before.

I've been eating about a cucumber a day from the greenhouse for a couple weeks now, but they're slowing down. Maybe because they're in pots, I need to fertilize or add some sort of food? I'm contemplating a bunny-droppings-tea. (That sounds gross, but my garden books all swear by the concept, only usually with chicken poo.) Anyway I am SO glad we got the greenhouse up this year, because it was a rotten cold spring and I feel way spoiled with my early cukes. If I'd planted them outside, I don't think I'd have any ready yet!

The calendula are happy too. They're on my list of seeds to save this fall. I sort of overdid the seed buying this spring (nothing unusual there), and hope to get a system down this year where I only need to get packs of the hardest-to-save seeds each year, like greens and stuff.

I keep encountering little tomato and squash sprouts in the garden, where I let some of the fruits decay. If the seeds will volunteer and plant themselves like that, I'm hoping they'll do even better when I purposefully collect them and keep them safe over the winter!

Love, J

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