Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall garden

I'm trying some cold weather garden food this year, to see if I can stretch out our fresh-eating season, and am having mixed but mostly good results.

Broccoli in the greenhouse.
So far it looks great, but we'll see if it gets big enough to do anything.

These peas illustrate my total novice-ness in the garden.
I was so proud of how beautiful the vines came up, and kept bragging about how cold-tolerant peas are and how you can plant them so late in the year.
Then I got about 2 peas off the whole bunch.
Because (duh) cold weather = no bees = no pollination.
Damn it.
The bunnies love the vines though, so it's not a total loss.

Speaking of the little 4-legged scamps, they may hate their new, reduced hours out in the yard, but they love how negligent I've been in picking up after the pear tree.
Pear butter will finally get made this week, if I can get my act together.

Fewer/smaller pumpkins then I'd hoped for,
but the crop we did get sure is pretty.
I'll plant more next year for sure.
(Especially since I'll have room to spare without all those nasty eggplants.)

I'm trying some broccoli and some bok choi outside too, just to see how much cold they'll really handle. Bok choi look great, broccoli not so much.

Love, J

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