Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potatoes & squash & mushroom sauce

I cook too little, considering how much I enjoy it. Now that garden season's wrapped, my fall & winter resolution this year is to spend more time planning & executing real meals.

What I'd really like is to work my way through my food board on Pinterest. I put a little dent in it last night, with three successful new dishes:

Crispy potato roast:

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

Spaghetti squash & vegan cream sauce:

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

I'm just posting the links because one of the many things I've learned from blogging is that it is very, VERY hard to take appetizing photographs of food, especially after dark in our dim kitchen. The photos above do justice to the yumminess of the food in a way that my shots cannot. And they pretty much look the same anyway, except I made my potatoes in a low tart pan with fingerling potatoes from the garden, so it turned out really tiny and cute.

In a perfect world, I try not to use processed food overly much, but the "cream" sauce has almond milk & fake cream (kream? like krab?) & nutritional yeast but it tastes kind of amazing so I can forgive all that.

Love, J

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