Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ferris craft fair

Another record sales day!

I don't like to be too pushy, but I had the following exchange FIVE different times yesterday:

Me: Would you like to try a sample?

Them (walking by): No, thank you.

Me: Are you sure? They're kind of amazing.

Them (stopping): ... Well... okay. (They eat bean. They are wowed. They buy a jar.)

Two girls I had this conversation with even got on Facebook later that night to "like" Stock the Cellar.

And THEN, that night I got a text from BFF telling me she needs to buy a whole case, and quick, because she put some beans on the hummus plate at her wine bar and people were freaking out over them.

I had trouble sleeping last night, with all my giddy adrenaline. I've been reading Mansfield Park and even that snoozefest couldn't wind me down until after midnight.

Love, J

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